Latest gunstock carving

Hi ,  I just wanted to let everybody know that I have added a few pictures of the last gun stock I carved. It seems that Bears and Elk antlers are popular. This gun also has a basket weave pattern on the grip and a basket weave with an inlay in the forearm.  I don’t have more pictures of this gun but these will give you an idea of how it turned out. The pictures can be found in the carving gallery. They are the last 3 entries. Thanks for visiting and looking at my latest work.

Procedure to have a carving done

Hi,  I just wanted to pass on a few things that may be helpful. It was brought to my attention that having to go back to my web page to get contact information was a little inconvenient so I have added a contact page to my blog site.

I also thought it might be helpful for you to know how to go about getting a carving done. First you will need to contact me, sending an email letting me know of your interest will be the easiest way to get started, but you can call if you prefer.

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2009 Elk Hunt

100_0733Hi Everybody, as some of you know here in Wyoming we are winding down elk hunting season and had you been looking at passing vehicles you may have seen some pretty large Elk antlers sticking up out of the back of some of the pickups. I know I have. I was able to get started hunting for Elk on 10/23/09 which turned out to be a great year for my hunt as you can see by the photo at left. Read the rest of this entry »

Carving Gallery

Hi Everybody,

I am Rich Legarra and I would like to welcome you to my  site. I have uploaded several pictures of my carvings and inlays into the gallery and hope you will spend a little time looking them over. After you have looked at the pictures I would appreciate hearing any comments you may have about my work. Once again thanks for coming to my site and I hope you enjoy your visit.  Rich

Welcome To Rich Legarra Studio Blog

Bear on 270The Rich Legarra Studio specializes in relief carving gunstocks. I will be happy to discuss your ideas for a carving and come up with a one of a kind design that is focused around your likes. I specialize in full scene wildlife but will be happy to create a pattern fitting your thoughts.

I can remove the factory stamp pattern on your gun stock and replace it with a basket weave or fish scale pattern which may be enhanced with leaves or a scroll design, it is up to you. The carving will enhance the beauty of your gun as well as improve the grip and value. I can also inlay a feather, buffalo skull, or some other design you might like, or maybe you have a brand you would like to have on your gun, or even your name or initials. We can also discuss any other ideas you might have for woodcarvings. I am sure we can come up with the perfect design to fit your ideas.